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A chronicle of glass from and relating to Scotland, including the country’s glass industry and its people.

Some of these people were born and trained in far lands, then brought their particular skills to Scotland. Others have taken glass knowledge and expertise gained in Scotland to other lands. In a global world, the Scottish glass industry is shrinking; few companies of any size remain today, yet individuals and small companies continue to flourish.

This site is about all those people and their work.

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Everyone Included

Anyone who is or has been involved in Scottish Glass will be recorded here eventually. If you are not here or someone you know is not listed, please tell us in the forums. We will include glassmakers, artists, designers, support staff, packers, and office staff – anyone who has made a contribution.

Feel free to write about yourself or someone you feel is missing. Alternatively, send us the information and we will ask one of our writers to help. Send us scans of newspaper or magazine articles; please include details of where they are from and the publication date so that we can resolve copyright issues. Scottish glass catalogues are also welcome: if gifted to the site, these will be passed to a suitable institution for preservation.