We Came in Peace
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We Came in Peace

L69 The first paperweight 1969

Space inspired

Commission: Harrods
Design: Colin Terris
Edition: 1000
Size: " mm High

Original price £

©2006 Adam Perkinton

Not listed in Charlton

We Came in Peace For all Mankind

The First Caithness Paperweight This weight was designed by Colin Terris while he was still designing the the Planet set in 1969 following a request from Harrods for a weight commemorating the impending landing on the Moon. At this point Caithness had no paperweight department and this was thus considered an engraving product, hence it is not included in the Charlton guide. Colin Terris intended to include it in the third edition. Sadly Colin Terris recently passed away and this will need a new author.

Caithness took a chance and made the entire edition of 1,000 weights without the engraving. With a successful landing on the 21st July 1969, they had to work flat out adding the engraving, fifty nose cones were shipped overnight to Harrods on the 23rd July and the remainder were shipped within a fortnight. They sold out in the same period.

Text derived from emails from Colin Terris and Caithness Glass to collectors and a discussion on Angela Bowey’s “The Glass Message Board” in 2006.