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1985 - U8501. Limited edition.

G.W.R. 150 Commemorative Pieces.

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Great Western Railway.

Firefly - A multi-faceted weight with a detailed engraving of the "Firefly" (Early steam locomotive) viewed through a double ring of green and amber millefiori cane.

Design: Colin Terris

Edition: 500 closed at 154

Size: " mm High

Original price - £54.95.

©1985 Caithness Glass (GWR 150 leaflet, courtesy Dave Webber)

n.b. Charlton gives a different reason for this weight and does not list the other weights shown in the leaflet, along with glassware. All can be seen on Scotland's Glass here . Firefly was built in 1840, so clearly the Charlton 'Note' is in error.