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Alchemy - Urn Vase
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Alchemy - Urn Vase

8122 2002


The curiosity of ancient times, how to turn metal into gold. It was once thought that the metal represented  the unredeemed self whilst gold represented the transformed spiritual self. In turning metal into gold, you could take the humdrum, everyday life and turn it into a pure, spiritual experience.

The ancient alchemists used a complicated series of symbols to protect the secrets of their work, the meanings of which were known only to the chosen few. Each of the pieces in the Alchemy range has three stylised symbols to reflect this secrecy of the great alchemists. Alchemy is available in two colourways, gold and pewter, each piece glowing with the iridescent beauty of a rustic age. 

Design: Helen MacDonald

Edition: Unlimited

Size: 8¼" 210mm High

Original price £ ?

©2002 Caithness Glass

Caithness summer collection catalogue 2002 page 2

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