Caithness Paperweights feed

Numbering use a Caithness system of

PREFIX U=Unlimited edition, L=Limited edition, X = Commissioned

YEAR Two digit year, after 1999 x00 is used ti give correct sequence. By 2000 Caithness had switched to an all numeric code and in editions that continued both numberings are given. This numbering ensure that all of the Limited and Unlimited editions appear in the sequence they were numbered by Caithness Glass.

e.g. U8945 - 5150462 was introduced in 1989 and was coded U8945, after the numbering change the 7 digit number replaced the original code in Caithness catalogues.

At some point Caithness put the sequence number before the year code, it has been reversed here to maintain the correct chronological sequence.

Whitefriars weights had a suffix of W but are easily separated here by the different categories. (May switch to W prefix)