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Some notes on Stuart Strathearn.

The purpose of this brief article is to create a basis for further research. The article on Strathearn at makes limited mention of Stuart Strathearn production.

Paperweight production ceased at Crieff after being bought by Stuart & Sons.

Some of the Strathearn staff, notably Christine McLean, Sheona Wilson and Herbert Dreier remained. (Can anyone add to this list?). They were joined by a Stuart Director.

Stuart installed 2 new furnaces to produce lead crystal blanks that were cut in England. Production was halted in 1991.

Crieff also sold cut glassware of Stuart but with the logo of Stuart Strathearn.

Sheona Wilson continued the engraving studio started by Alasdair Gordon in 1973. However, during the 1990s most of the sandblasting relocated to Stuarts too.

In 1995 there was a change in the sandblasting process to a faster method using masks glued to the glass. This was not original to Stuart/Strathearn.

The coloured glass was developed and made in the cone at Amblecote by a team of designers and glassmakers. Dark Crystal, Impressions and Ebony and Gold was launched by Stuart Crystal gave so many production problems that it was not the success hoped for - it did not stay in the range for very long.

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Sources: Herbert Dreier, Lisa McGregor (Stuart 1979-6, 1993-2002)