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2008 STOP PRESS - Recent weights offered for sale from Allan here

Perthshire Paperweights, 1975

Allan Scott 1958–

Lampworker and Paperweight Designer

by Frank Andrews
  • 1975–1979, Perthshire Paperweights
  • 1979–1983, Jay Glass (signature cane ‘A’ in later weights)
  • 1983–2007, Caithness Glass
    2007on Freelance

Allan served his apprenticeship and worked as a lampworker at Perthshire Paperweights with Angus Hutchison. He then joined John Deacons at Jay Glass as a lampworker/designer. Some of his later work can be recognised by the inclusion of his ‘A’ signature cane.

Allan continued his work work as a designer and lampworker at Caithness Glass until he was made redundant in 2007 when the firm went into receivership. Most of the Caithness production weights with Allan's lampwork have the ‘CG’ or Whitefriars ‘Monk’ signature cane in. His ‘A’ cane was used in weights made with Harry McKay for the Scottish Glass Society exhibitions.

Allan trained several lampworkers over the years, notably Rosette Fleming, who now works with John Deacons, and Linda Campbell who is now doing her own lampwork designs at Caithness Glass.


[Updated March 2008 to reflect the 2007 changes at Caithness. Ed]


Perthshire Paperweights, 1976
Victorian Bouquet
Made for Caithness convention (2004) in collaboration with Shona Spittal.


Information received from Allan Scott 2004–2005.

All images copyright Allan Scott 2005.

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