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We Are Back!

We are now relocated to a gleaming new Virtual Server and boy, does the Glass Images search race now!!

We still need financial help, see below, to secure our future so please keep donating to the Glass Study Association who now fund this site and the Colin Terris preserved website.

Update April 7th

Technical issues all resolved.


The effort of maintaining our own forum has proven to great for the limited traffic. During 2012 a FaceBook page will be added to allow some communication unique to our subject.

For help with identifying glass we strongly recommend The Glass Messages Board which hosts many glass forums and specific questions about Scottish Glass should be placed in the British Glass forums. Most of the team and many Scottish Glass collectors are regulars on that forum site. Link Glassmessages.com

We have reorganised Artists & Makers (Artlicles).
Glass Images has also been reorganised to make it easier to find who you are looking for.

All of the 4,500 Glass Images descriptions corrupted in 2009 have been fixed, in the process many errors were corrected too.

Thank you for your generous donations so far....

Glass Images has over 12,000 images illustrating 4,500 individual items... plus a big backlog still to be added.

How to Help?

Please help to make this possible making a donation via the Glass Study Association, a non-profit organisation newly formed and dedicated to preserving glass sites on the web, now the owner of this site. You can pay by credit card, Paypal or cash in post... every penny helps.

We also need helpers to advance the content, technical or non-technical... plenty that can be done! Just ask Frank here

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