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Helen Monro Turner opened the glass engraving department at Edinburgh College of Art on the 8th January 1941. Since the first student some of the world's most important glass artists have studied at ECA - the following list reveals the sheer extent of the colleges influence world-wide.

Since that date the College has continued to maintain a glass department that can be classed as one of the world leaders in glass art education. As part of the 400th anniversary of Scottish glass making we thought it appropriate to create a list of the students and tutors so that the impact of this important glass department can be appreciated.

Head of Department: Helen Monro 1940-1943 Helen Monro Turner 1943-1970

NameAt ECADisciplineAfter ECA
Alison Geissler M.B.E. 1925-31 design
194?-? engraving
Engraving Edinburgh & Leith.
Denis Mann 19??-195? Engraving Caithness Glass 19?-??. Designed Mastermind Trophy. Own Studio. Involved with North Lands Creative Glass.
John Lawrie 1951-195?
1966-89 teaching
Glass Design
Juniper Green Workshop, Own Studio, Teaching. Head of ECA Glass Dept 1970-89 (retired)
Domhnall Ó Broin 1956-1959 Glass design Caithness Glass 1960-1966. Fenton (US) 1970-1980. Domhnall OBroin Company 1980-2003. Died 2005.
Alasdair Gordon 195?-1957 Engraving Hadeland, Peter M Kolderup AS, Strathearn Glass, Gordon Studio Australia.
Rish Gordon nee Roddan 195?-1957 Engraving Whitefriars, Hadeland, Scotland freelance, Gordon Studio Australia.
Colin Terris M.B.E. 1956- Glass &c. Peter M Kolderup AS, Scotland teaching, Caithness Glass 1968-2002 - 'invented' modern paperweight with Peter Holmes. Given M.B.E. for services to glass. Died 2006.
Ann Robertson Engraving ?, Caithness Glass, ?
David Gulland 1951-5? Caithness Glass 1970-77, Studio 1977-
Norman Orr 1964 Engraving Edinburgh Crystal 1946-64. Own Studio. Died 1993
Douglas Hogg 1966-1971 Stained Glass Own studio 1972-present. Head of stained/architectural glass degree course at ECA 1979-2000
Nichola Fletcher 1968-1972? Glass and Silver Silversmith, Aouther cookery books
Jenny Antonio 1968-1972 Hourglass Studio 1977. West Calder Glassworks c. 1982 Holyrood Road Edin.
John Airlie 1968-1971 Glass making Kirkhill Glass. Teaching. Died
Michael Esson 1967-1971
postgrad 1972?
Glass Carving Senior Lecturer; Director IDRI
School of Art,International Drawing Research Institute. University of NSW
Richard Hugo 1965-1971 Engraving Joined and later owned Dent Glass in Cumbria
Alison Kinnaird 1970-1971 Engraving Glass artist freelance since 1971
Eric Hilton Glass artist now US based. Designer Steuben Glass.

Head of Department: John Lawrie 1970-1989

NameAt ECADisciplineAfter ECA
Alastair MacIntosh 1970-1974 Glass
Glass Technician ECA 75-79 Glass Technologist, Paisley Coll. of Tech 79-81 MacIntosh Glass, Falkirk, 81-87,Caithness Glass,Designer 87-2003, Own Studio 03-07, SpectraGlass Perth 08-
Liz Rowley nee Dunning 1970-1974 Glass/Stained Glass
Frits Akerboom 1971-1972 Scientific Glassblower St. Andrews University 1971. Artist lampwork and slumped glass
Anita Pate 1972-1976 Glassmaking/Stained Glass Hourglass Studio Edinburgh 1976. Vitrics 1984-. Travelling/teaching England, Australia & New Zealand. Now East Linton studio, since 1987 architectural glass.
David Kaplan
1972 1 yr scholarship Glassmaking Lindean Mill studio 1977-present.
Alan Forbes 1971-75 Stained Glass Rock star, as Eugene Reynolds. Formed The Rezillos 1976-8, the Revillos 1979-85, the Mysteroids c1981
Susan Miles (Aitken) 1971-1975 Glass Engraving (No web trace)
Alison McConachie 1971-1975 Assistant Willem Heesen. Dent Glass. Teaching ECA since 1979, Head of glass since 2008.
Elizabeth McClure 197?-1980 Artist NZ based. Worked, and taught in Scotland, England, Eire, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. President of Ausglass 1991-1993.
Ann Fleming 1972-76 Cutting/Carving Now in Denver, Colorado Studio and Art teaching. Taught glass design at ECA too. Widely exhibited.
Ron Boyko 1973 1 yr scholarship Glassmaking Great Northern Glass, Grantown on Spey c1974 Lead Crystal - failed. Switched to terracotta pottery in Glembuchet. Returned to USA c1995 (No web trace)
Heather Miller 1974-1978 Looking Glass, Castle Lachlan c.1979

Marianna Danskin

1975-1979 Stained Glass
Anne Pope 1975-1979 Stained Glass
Kathy Hampson 1976-1980
Lucinda ? 1976-1980
Roz 1976-1980
Belle Wardlaw 1976-1980
Mary MacLachlan c1978 1 yr Glassmaking Looking Glass, Castle Lachlan c.1979
Stuart Bennett 1979 1yr Engraving Was an apprentice embosser with Cunningham Dixon & Walker.
Jane ? 1979 Post Grad
Douglas Hogg 1979-2000 Teaching Head of stained/architectural glass degree course.
Campbell Gordon c1970s Now in New Zealand
Fiona Gordon nee ? c1970s Now in New Zealand
Chris ? c1970s Worked at Island Glass, Guernsey (closed c2002)
Rozanne Wirth c1970s Stained Glass
Adrienne Diamond (McStay) 1980 Adrienne McStay Glass 1987-present
Emma Butler-Cole Aiken 1984-1988 Stained Glass
Self-employed stained glass artist
Laura Bentley c1987 Stained Glass (No web trace)
Anna ? c1987 Stained Glass
Martin ? c1987 Stained Glass
Sarah Ringland 1988 Stained Glass (No web trace)
Frankie Pollak 1989 Stained Glass Active - location unknown
Jane Brodie 1988 Stained Glass (No web trace)

Head of Department: Ray Flavell 1989-2008

NameAt ECADisciplineAfter ECA
Kate Henderson 1988-1993 Stained Glass
Self employed artist since leaving College, working on stained glass and painting commissions, exhibitions and competitions.
Joan Holdsworth ?-1996 SGS prize 1996. Studio Braga, Orkney - Kiln formed & Cast glass. Involved with North Lands.
Karen Akester





Glass artist - cast glass. ECA Glass artist in residence 2010
Andrea Spencer c. 1993 Architetcural Glass Glass artist. Arts Care Artist-in-Residence Belfast City Hospital.
Patricia Niemann 1996-1997 German born goldsmith, glass artist and designer, based in Caithness
Richard William Wheater 1998-2001 Glass artist based in England. Performance and installations using glass and neon.
Ceara Conway 1998-2001 Glasss and Architectural Glass Mixed media artist based in Ireland
Andrea Walsh 2000-2001 Glass Artist working in bone china and glas
Jessica Townsend 2001-2004 Glass design Glass artist - cast glass
Heather Gillespie -2006 Glass Design Glass Artist - own studio UK, copper wheel engraving.
Elin Isaksson 2001-2005 Glass artist and designer, own studio Elin Isaksson Glass since 2006
Carrie Fertig
2003-2007 Glass design Glass artist
Jane Reid 2005-2008 Glass design Glass artist
Rachel Elliott 2003-2007 Architectural Glass Glass artist
Jessamy Kelly 2001-2002
Glass design
Artist in residence
Glass designer at Edinburgh Crystal 2002-2006. Own Studio and Juo Ltd since.
Heather Gillespie ?-2006 Engraving Artist - Copper wheel engraving

Head of Department: Alison McConachie 2008-present

NameAt ECADisciplineAfter ECA
Meg McGregor c. 2008 Glass artist
Karen Wood c. 2008
Peter Cloke c. 2008
Julia Malle c. 2008
Ian Saville c. 2008
Keiko Mukaide 2010 Research Fellow
Jeff Zimmer - Teacher 2010 Glass artist
Kee-Ryong Choi - Artist in residence 2010 Glass artist
Tanwen Llewelyn - Artist in residence 2010 Glass artist