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How to find your way around such a large site is ever a challenge, as it is for us to make it as easy as possible. We always appreciate hearing what problems you experience on our site.

There are two main areas of this site that carry information about Scottish glass:

First is Artists & Makers – This leads you to a list of folders of articles.

These folders have a descriptive title with a brief description of the content. Most glassmakers will be found in the folders named, e.g., Scottish Glass Makers. Note that only: Caithness Glass, Edinburgh Crystal, John Moncrieff and Portobello glassworks have separate folders, as these are expected to get quite big. In future, other companies may get moved to their own folder.

In addition to articles about specific companies and artists, there are folders containing general histories and articles, as well as organisations and non-glassmakers that are involved with Scottish glass or its history.

Secondly Glass Images

This section uses software designed for web shops but nothing is for sale! Here, you will find thousands of individual pieces of glass many with multiple views and angles, and some with more than one example. We hope that the first eight groups are clear enough. Within these, you have access to many companies and artists from the past to the present day. At the time of writing, there are well over 4,000 items with almost 8,000 images. We welcome suggestions to improve navigation.

The most complex is currently Caithness Glass with over 2,000 items, and these are categorised with various routes to the same images, so you can browse by date, designer or type, for example. The first level that you see presents items in two columns. Click on the small 'thumbnail' image to make it full size OR click on Product Details to see the rest of the images and a full description of the item.

This section has its own search box, which is visible below the menu to the right.

But there is more 

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Once you have registered, there will be a small amount of material that is not available to the public, for copyright conditions or other reasons. We do not use your e-mail address or pass it on to third parties. An exception in 2009 when we told everyone about the 2010 ECA glass conference, but mailing lists used were later deleted.

The List

This is intended to be a reference list of all involved in Scottish Glass and is gathered from various sources - updates are a bit slow and with the recent upgrade some of the links are broken. All sources for the data are given. Despite not yet being comprehensive it does contain data not found elsewhere on the site.

n.b. THE LIST is no longer maintained, each entry will in time become a separate article where information on the company or individual can be added as it is known.


Not the BBC but all items of interest that we hear about are added there. Often these will appear on the front page for a while. Old items are kept for historical value. Users who want to add news items are welcomed.


The effort of maintaining our own forum has proven to great for the limited traffic. During 2013 a FaceBook page will be added to allow some communication unique to our subject.

For help with identifying glass we strongly recommend The Glass Messages Board which hosts many glass forums and specific questions about Scottish Glass should be placed in the British Glass forums. Most or team and many Scottish Glass collectors are regulars on that forum site. Link Glassmessages.com Hope to meet you there.


This site is to be driven by the community; you are welcome to get involved. Adding links to other Scottish glass sites, news items, authors to write articles, editors to tidy them up, technical help, MONEY via Glass Study Association, your ideas... whatever, just get in touch.