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Dave Moir (c1978)

The 'Cockerel' was a Pirelli lampwork. The pale blue body barely shows in the photograph.

Dave Moir

Master Glassmaker and Head Glassblower Strathearn Glass

by Frank Andrews

Dave Moir occupies a special place for me in this project: he is the only working glassmaker that worked with the Ysart family for Vasart Glass in Scotland. During the 2005 Ysart Glass Conference collectors were treated to a fascinating talk about his time working with the Ysarts in Perth.

Dave was born in Perth on the 13th March 1939 and joined (Vasart) Ysart Brothers Glass in March 1954, aged just 15. However, before taking this full-time job he had already been working after school at the firm's Shore Road Works, emptying sand trays. He fulfilled a six-year apprenticeship and then did two years of National Service for the Army in Germany. Due to the Cuban Missile Crisis, his service was extended six months longer than normal but after his demob he returned to Vasart. He stayed on and moved with the firm when it was transformed to Strathearn Glass Limited. When Jack Allen moved to Perthshire Paperweights in 1968, Dave became Head Glassblower for Strathearn. In 1980 Stuart Crystal took over Strathearn Glass, renaming it Stuart Strathearn. Dave was not enamoured of the new management and did not want to blow crystal and decided at that point to leave glass-making.

After some twenty years as an Heavy Goods Vehicle driver Dave has now returned to glass-making on a part-time basis, working at the John Deacons Studio in Crieff.


The last Vasart glass artist!

Glass Ysart Style vase Dave Moir 2006
Signed: Dave Moir 2006

Height 110mm Diameter 125mm
Top and base view below


Top view of vase


Base of vase with Deacons label


Correspondence with Dave Moir.

Examples of recent work from various collectors.

Edited by Mary Houston-Lambert

This page one of a series that will give brief details about people who have or are working in Scottish Glass. If you are or have worked with glass in Scotland please get in touch as I would like to feature you too! I would also like to hear from collectors with information on those glass workers who have moved on.